Concert Crowd

On the 9 week course, we leave no stone unturned and cover the world of DJing as a whole. 

Taught for 2 hours, once a week, we are on hand 24/7 for technical professional advice and to pass on the knowledge we have built up over the past 25+ years. 

We believe with the right skills, advice, hard work, and practice you can be up there with the best and our track record has proven this with our students crossing over to play at gigs, radio stations and private events. 

We teach you the importance of being prepared with your track library, playlists, and set building down to how to pitch your style to promoters. 

Giving you first-hand knowledge to put you head and shoulders above the competition. 

We aim to give you the DJ bug! 

Our lessons are tailored to the individual we will be in contact to talk details through once your date request is received.