• Introduction
  • Cueing is key
  • Listening
  • Beat matching & tempo control
  • Track selection
  • Mixing techniques
  • Personality
  • Effects and samples
  • Building & managing your music library
  • Preparing your music & sets
  • Recording a mix
  • Promoting your mix
  • Building your brand 
  • Back 2 back mixing

Focusing on the main subjects above throughout the duration of your course enables us to fully prepare you with the fundamentals required for you to move forward. It also gives us the opportunity to talk about the finer processes and techniques for you to master each stage.

By the end of your course, together with as much practice as you can fit in, you will be confident in all aspects of DJing and ready to shine whenever you're behind the decks. 

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Any DJ course you choose will focus and cover the following subjects giving you a strong overview to work with over the coming months. 

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