Learning to DJ on vinyl is essential. 

It makes you listen in a visual world and is a total art and as much fun as you can have with music. 

If you can master the art of DJing with vinyl then the other forms of DJing will become second nature in the process. 

BPM DJ Courses Technics 1200 MkII


BPM DJ Courses Traktor S4 DJ controller

 Modern next level technology has officially taken over and if you don't keep up then you get left behind.  

The Kontrol controller (along side any other controller on the market) gives the DJ portability without losing functionality.  

You could even say these offer far more with the ability to separate elements, and remix tracks on the fly. 

For the DJ that wants the flexibility that technology brings, there is a world of learning here giving you a million possibilities at your finger tips.  


Digital DJing is here - get used to it.   

CDJ-2000 NEXUS | DJM900

This is Industry Standard. If you are taking your DJ career to any serious venue across the globe the CDJ2000s are what you are going to be faced with when you step in the DJ booth.

Learning the CDJs and DJM 900 mixer gives you the knowledge and confidence to step up and perform with ease when required. 

With formatting and analysing your tracks through the Pioneer Rekordbox software, you will make sure you are totally prepared with your SD card or USB stick in hand. 

BPM DJ Courses Pioneer CDJ-2000Nexus