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Build your DJ links to be successful

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

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Life is predominantly about stories. You are a DJ. You have plenty of them.

Networking is important in the DJ world. It creates kinships, and opens up opportunities - are you ready?

Not everyone likes the networking side of DJing, me being one of those people. But I have seen the opportunities it can create and they are immense.

Walking into a club, playing your set, not engaging with anyone, and just saying 'ah, thanks' whenever someone compliments your set is not enough.

Arrive early, hang about, chat tunes, chat venues, just chat.

I recently attended a Buddhist retreat. I was having a cup of tea when I first arrived.

Nervous. On my own.

I made the effort and opened up a conversation with 2 fellow attendees. We spoke at length about life and the reasons I was attending. I had my guard down and I was totally open.

'I am here for mainly the meditation part of the Buddhist culture, rather than the religious side of things. I am open to learning and I am in the infancy of my journey'. Simples.

We went into the Shrine room to meditate for the first time and who should walk in to teach the entire group? My two new best mates I have just been talking freely too. If I had known who they were I doubt the openness would have been present.

There is a lesson to be learned here.

One of my students recently mentioned she played a gig as a last-minute one-off set for a friend. When talking to the promoter, he mentions he runs a stage at the Burning Man festival in California. Links made.

Calm yourself

Be yourself.

Sell yourself.

You will see great things happen.


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