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What you need to know as a beginner DJs, but are never told. 

Doing research on search trends for DJs starting, when it comes to search engine answers and results when you enter questions like,

How do I start being a DJ?

How do I teach myself to DJ?

What should a beginner DJ do?

How hard is it to learn DJ?

Can I DJ with just a laptop?

Can you DJ with Spotify?

Can I DJ using my phone?

How can I practice DJ at home?


The results are generally always the same and although correct they can be misleading from a beginner's perspective.  

The generic titles such as:



Effects (EFX)

Beat matching



The list is endless. We are all aware of these techniques but after reading this list are you any further forward in the physicality of being a DJ? Most likely not. 


Dark underground nightclub
Dj Club night

Foundation is the key. Strong. Solid. Built to a rigid plan. The first thing you do, like when you build a house.

Learning is a journey and that journey alone will hold your hand a lead you to the next stage. If you try to jump around learning these intermediate techniques before laying your foundation, this hand that once guided through making things plain and simple to learn will let go of your hand to let you drift around in the ether of confusion and ultimately failure through frustration.

The learning path has to be progressive, clear and most importantly ‘learnable’ for the student. If you learn at different speeds from your friends in certain areas, a rigid learning structure is not for you. 

The path of progression is the speed of YOUR learning.

A foundation has to sound more like

Knowing your equipment (taking time to go through the functionality and locations on your equipment) – this is simple enough.

Learning the routine you will be doing between every single mix from now to eternity.

Questions to ask yourself before you load up another track? i.e. Where do you want to take your audience? What have they responded to thus far?  

How are you going to get them to this point? Methods, techniques etc


This is the foundation. Everything else stems from this raw bare-bones structure. THEN comes the techniques and effects etc.


How do start being a DJ – have the strongest most indestructible foundations to build your skills on before you attempt anything.  

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