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How do I start learning to DJ?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

I have never DJ'd before. Should I try? The answer is, without question, yes!

Have you ever been on the dancefloor thinking how good the DJ's set is and how amazing it must feel to play to a room full of 3000 appreciative ravers? If so, the desire is in there, and with some focused practice, it's achievable. You should learn to DJ

DJ performing on Pioneer mixer
DJ mixing on Pioneer mixer

The mentality of most of my students is usually, 'I've always wanted to try but never taken the leap.'

The thrill of standing on the other side of the decks is most definitely addictive, and with the right coaching, you could be there.

If you have good taste?! Learning is easier than you think with a moderate understanding of what DJs do.

It all starts with a sound library of tracks. You are only as good as the tracks in your mix. Multiply that with some great thought behind how you will mix them and its recipe for greatness.

The art of the Dj is not rocket science, but it's a science all the same. Although we are essentially just playing music, the atmosphere in the space can change dramatically when it's played correctly. At the helm, guiding a room full of people on a familiar and exciting musical journey is thrilling, exciting & hugely memorable for all concerned in the experience. There are ways and means of filling a dancefloor and then keeping that dancefloor full.

Your friends will love you for it. A King amongst people! And your life will be enriched by the experience each time you stand behind the decks.

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